Shresh Shah

Safal Nakshatra Astrology Course

This course is for those who want to become professional astrologers & earn good money, name & fame.      

Safal Nakshatra Astrology Course


Safal Nakshatra Astrology is centered around the principles of KP Astrology invented by the great, late Indian Astrologer Shri. Krishnamurti ji. This branch of astrology is 250 times advanced then the older branch of Vedic astrology. Only those who have the knowledge of the KP astrology can predict the event with 99% accuracy.

Key Highlights of the Course

Learning KP Astrology offers a unique and precise approach to astrology, focusing on accurate predictions and timing events. Its sub-lord system, house divisions, and ruling planets enable astrologers to provide quick and specific insights. Whether for personal growth or professional astrological practice, mastering KP Astrology can enhance one’s astrological skills and offer a valuable tool for precise forecasting.

About course

Offline & Online Mode Available

Course Start Date1st January 2024
Day of the WeekMonday & Thursday
Total Lectures32
Course Duration4 to 5 months
Total Hours64
Each Lecture2 Hours
Lectures Per Week2
Lectures Per Month8
Course NotesYes (Soft Copy)
Course CertificateYes
Course TrophyYes
Maximum Participants5 per batch
Offline Course FeesINR 1000/ Hour
Offline Course Time6:30 pm to 8:30pm
Online Course FeesINR 900/ Hour
Online Course Time9:30 pm to 11:30 pm
EMI AvailableYes
Course LanguageHindi, English, Gujarati
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