Shresh Shah

Element Analysis

What do we offer?

We provide a detailed Element Analysis Report to an individual which is made with the help of the horoscope of an individual. Through this report a person can decide for which business activity suits him the most as per his nature and the qualities he possesses as per the elements. Job satisfaction and success is guaranteed if the person works as per his nature with interest and dedication. 

Why Element Analysis Required?

Personality Insights

It provides a nuanced understanding of an individual’s character, strengths, and weaknesses based on elemental composition in their birth chart.

Compatibility Assessment

It helps in determining compatibility between individuals which in turn aids in matrimony and business relationships.

Career Guidance

By identifying the dominant elements in a birth chart, an astrologer can suggest career options that would align with the individual’s inherent strengths.

Self Discover

Element analysis promotes personal growth and self-awareness that helps individuals to have a better understanding of themselves and also make conscious life choices.

Decision Making

Element analysis can help in important decisions by providing necessary insights on important elements at play during that period.

Conflict Resolution

It can help to resolve conflicts between two individuals by identifying the elemental differences and suggesting appropriate measures.

Embark on the journey of self-discovery by exploring how the four elements shape your life’s journey.

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