Shresh Shah

Astro Vastu Consultation

Astro Vastu is a special technique of aligning 16 directions of Vastu with 9 Planets, 9 Houses and 12 Rashi of the birth chart (kundli / horoscope) of an individual. This is very important to get the optimum results of Vastu remedies because a direction that is inauspicious as per the general principles of Vastu may be an auspicious direction for a person as per his birth chart. If the ruling planet of a particular direction is in good condition and strong position in the horoscope of the person it will not harm the person but it will give very positive and favorable results to the person. So, it is very important to examine the position of the planets and dasha period running in the horoscope before you go for Vastu.

Why does this happen?

This is because there is a strong linkage of your horoscope with your Vastu.

So, to ensure the best results at the right time in terms of health, wealth, relationship, and career book Astro Vastu appointment with us.