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Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra is an ancient practice that helps in creating harmonious living and working spaces, resonating with positive energies. Through our Vastu Shastra consultation service, we offer guidance to align an individual’s environment with natural forces and energies to facilitate improved well-being and prosperity.

What do we offer?

Vastu Analysis of an Existing Property

We thoroughly analyse an individual’s space, be it home, office, or any other environment and provide personalized recommendations to enhance harmony and energy flow in an existing property. We match the symptoms of the problems with vastu defects and do the small changes in the home or office. This solves the problems of an individual to a great extent.

Constructing a space as per vastu shastra

We provide this service especially for those who wish to buy a piece of land and want to construct a living or working space by strictly following all principles of vastu shastra. This involves the process right from the land selection to handing over the possession of the property. We provide our guidance at each and every step of the construction.

Vastu Analysis of New Property to be Purchased

Through this service we guide an individual in purchasing a new vastu compliant property be it home, office, factory, bungalow or a land. In this we provide the comparative analysis of the properties shortlisted by the individual before taking a decision to purchase a particular property. This brings lots of wealth, prosperity and success to the entire family in the new property.

Designing a space as per vastu shastra

We provide this service especially for those who are living in a flat in the metro or mini metro cities. This involves the discussion on the layouts with an interior designer, recommending changes in the layout as per vastu and finalizing the layout. We provide our guidance right from the beginning till the end of interior designing work.

Online Vastu Consultation

We provide this service especially for those who are living out of India or far away from Mumbai but believe in Vastu Shastra. We take the degrees and mark the directions on the basis of location details & vastu layout provided by the client. We have already provided our special services to our clients in the Netherlands, Australia, U.S., U.K. & Dubai. By God’s grace they all have been benefited a lot by our services.

Based on our analysis, we provide tailored vastu remedies that can positively impact their career, financial well-being, health, relationship, child education, marriage, and several other aspects of life. None of our remedies involve demolishing any structure of your space. Our remedies can be hidden very easily inside the furniture or under the flooring yet it will give very positive results and impact on your life.

No Demolition… No Structural Changes

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